About Me

Sooo, who's this guy?

Anyone who's worked with me for some time can contest that I'm a strong advocate for the end user. I'm the kind of guy who's a bit of a stickler for the details, the smaller things, the things that go unnoticed but make a huge impact. I have a thirst for knowledge that keeps me in the know about all things development related. I love expanding my realm a little and learning something about systems architecture that I didnt know before.

When I'm not writing code or learning something new about development, you can usually find me out on my Harley, brappin' around and making loud noises. If I'm not doing that I'm usually tinkering around with painting, (oil on canvas), and exploring the more creative side of my brain.

What I'm Capable Of

  • Percieved Interest
  • Actual Ability

People Who've Said Nice Things About Me

Jason is a high-energy, get things done kind of guy. I started working with Jason in 2015. His UI development skills are lethal when compared to others in his field. He sets the bar high and is relentless in delivering an optimum user experience that is both functional and fast. Jason is exceptional at his work and I'd jump at the chance to work with him again.

- Gretchen Gillespie

Jason Saba is an extraordinarily gifted software developer who made an immediate positive impact on the appeal and intuitive simplicity that is the passion that fires the TeMeDa Vision. Jason’s strengths include: listening (so critical for a software developer), integrity, relentless pursuit of simplicity, continuous learning staying ahead of and helping to drive state-of-adoption of state-of-the-art. I'd jealously guard Jason Saba's talent and highly recommend his peers aspire to his professionalism and performance level.

- Stewart Skomra

Jason is a great person to work with not only because of his vast knowledge of web standards, but because of his easy out-going personality. He has helped me with writing better code and showed me a lot of great websites to follow to keep up to date with the latest trends in web-technology.

- Carlos Solis