Chicago Northwest

An informational visitor center site focused on increasing engagement in local activities and venues via integrated marketing

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Translate Integration

Chicago Northwest is a company that specializes in finding great events and happenings in and around the city of Chicago. Looking for a great restaurant or comedy show, no problem, Chicago Northwest has you covered with up to date info about the latest happenings.

The site's content management system is built using a custom WordPress theme built from scratch using Bootstrap as the foundation. It has many custom JavaScript API integrations from endpoints provided by the client to pull in all the requisite information.

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Laptop representation of the Chicago Northwest Website

The site is responsive and will adapt to just about any typical mobile device screen size.

My role on this project was to take a design that was created by the in-house design team and transform it into a functional responsive site. I handled a majority of the Front-End work with the exception of a couple of the API integrations. However all of layout and stylistic elements were performed by me.

Mobile phone responsive represenation of Chicago Northwest Website