Discover Global Network Feed

A 6-panel marketing display used in the lobby of the Discover Global Network Building

Technologies Used

  • Wordpress
  • D3.js
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • YouTube Player API
  • Twitter API

Discover Global Network is a global brand providing credit services to millions worldwide. They were in need of a marketing display for their lobby and had comissioned Cubicle Ninjas to perform the work.

The customer had worked with WordPress before and loved working with that interface as a CMS, so that was a requirement for the project. They had envisioned a slideshow that spanned across 6 individual television screens. They wanted many different "slide types", (full 6-screen slide that spanned all the screens, 6 individually managed screens each with their own slides, and a 2x4 screen layout).

The project was built using a custom WordPress theme built from scratch that had many custom admin interface inputs that would allow the easy implementation of new content.

Screenshot of Discover Global Network Lobby Feed
Screenshot of Discover Global Network Lobby Feed

The project also required the integration of many social API's, (YouTube JS API, Twitter API, custom data API). The custom data API was created in-house by another developer at the same time this project was created and required constant collaboration to ensure that both the front-end and back-end would be able to talk to each other as needed.

My role on this project was to take a design that was created by the in-house design team and transform it into a functional 6-panel display. I handled a majority of the Front-End work API integrations included. Unfortunately due to copyrights I can't link to the project and can only provide a couple screenshots as shown above.

In the screenshots provided above, the left-hand side are the two stationary slides, and on the right-hand side is a 4-panel video that plays across the 4 screens.

Unfortunately this project was complete so long ago that the D3 rotatign globe portion of the project is no longer being used and I have no visual reference to that part of the project. When that part of the project as used, it was essentially a rotating globe that was fed data from the external custom API that would display different points around the world on the rotating globe. The globe took up the 4-panel side of the screen.