TeMeDa Web App

A web-based application used to track and monitor assets in a companies fleet

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Proprietary API Integration
  • Design
  • Google Maps API

TeMeDa is an asset tracking and monitoring company that specialises in big data, perfectly positioned in the "Internet of Things" space, they provide the ability for companies to have the necessary tools for attaining "situational awareness" about their fleet at any time of day, in just about any place imaginable.

The app is responsive and will adapt to just about any typical screen size, with some limitations of course. The app contains a ton of data tables and those are typically pretty hard to style for mobile devices, so to skirt around that issue we served a mobile optimized, MDOT application that allows users to perform a majority of the functions available in the full app.

The TeMeDa Web Application

When I first encountered the codebase on this application, my role initially was to help give a facelift to the interface. However it soon became apparent that the method of editing a singlular HTML file & singular CSS file was only going to serve for creating headaches and maintenance code merge nightmares. I quickly proposed implementing a build system using Gulp that would allow for mor compartmentalization of the codebase. That allowed for the use of SASS for managing the styles, templating languages for the HTML bits, & futher separation of the different JavaScript components of the application. Additionally, there was an existing pattern of just pushing the code and testing live on a dev server. I also proposed the use of Vagrant for running local servers for development which would eventually lead to cleaner, more precise commits.

Mobile phone responsive represenation of Chicago Northwest Website
Mobile phone responsive represenation of Chicago Northwest Website